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wikiCreate - Mr. Popper´s Idea for Big Bang Challenge (Ideas4All)

Mr. Popper has just entered the contest Big Bang Challenge from Ideas4All. The idea consists of a creative and collaborative website where the purpose is to allow users submit their design projects for a constructive review and feedback of any kind of design project. There is a $25,000 prize for the best Idea!

For Voting and Collaborating for this idea please click here. Thanks for the support! (Registration required for voting).

There is always a moment during the creative process in which the final outcome is not as expected. The presupposed notions that we had for a project at its outset have either changed or need to change in order bring about some form of resolution. By working on something either individually or collectively you are immersed in the experience. This will naturally allow you to have a certain perspective on what you’re doing. However the input from others who are not directly involved is also invaluable, due to its impartiality. With the rapid evolution of Web 2.0 there is massive scope for users to contribute their comments and thoughts on just about anything.”

Posted on December 23, 2010 in Advertising, Social Media

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