We are not Alone

There are people who walk facing what they are rushing for, or people who walk looking to their feet, just worried about themselves or trying to warm up below their coats, but we forgot to look in detail life because we live in a world surrounded by art.

I made a stop-motion workshop a couple of weeks ago where I met Jong Ki Love, he showed me “we are not alone”. He creates scenes with small train figures and placed them in hidden locations. It could be a tree on a park, a monument of your city, a parking lot, a street corner…they could be placed anywhere, you just have to look closer.

As a journalist he not only blogs about it, but has published an online book titled “We are not alone“, we can not only encourage him to keep buying figures and amuse us but we can keep a personal print draft of his work.

You can enjoy his artwork at the exhibit at Little Miss Maimun store in Plaza del Dos de Mayo 5, Madrid. I recommend watching his FIRST stop motion short-film Little Dog Town and I wish for him to do many more for us!

Check out his webpage, or follow him in Twitter or Facebook.

Posted on January 7, 2011 in Art, Design

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