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Floor Street Art in California

After posting Street Art in California Volumes (1,2,3,4 and La Misión 1,2) and being a great success we still have a series left of floor street art to show. Hope you enjoy!

Vhils – Deconstruction in Venice, California

Arrested Motion filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez follows Portuguese-born artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils as he completes his latest work on the streets of Venice, California. This particular piece was done in conjunction with the “European Bailout Show” at the Post No Bills showspace and located just on the side of the gallery. Watch as the process…

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Art in The Streets at Moca, Los Angeles

We had the opportunity to attend the magnificent Exhibit Art in The Streets at the Moca Museum in Los Angeles. Featuring artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, Roa, etc… Sorry for the quality of the pictures.. we still hope you enjoy!

Street Art in California – Volume 4

The Fourth Volume of Californian Street Art is here… more coming soon! Enjoy!

Tattoo Masters Invitational

Art in the streets can not be only found at walls or alleyways, our bodies are blank canvases too. This weekend some of the best tattoo artists from Los Angeles are getting together at Hollywood Park, an historical race track / casino  in Inglewood at the Tattoo Masters Invitational 2011. Opens from 11 am to…

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Street Art in California – Volume 3

The third volume of the Street Art in California is here… get ready for more soon…Enjoy!

Street Art in California – Volume 1

Sharing some of the great Street Art that there is in the state of California. Enjoy Volume 1 and stay tuned for more soon…

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