Barclaycard Center

Project Description

The agency Neolabels approached me for this specific project. They wanted to change the old name of the space for the new acquired Barclaycard Center, this involved doing a reaearch of current brands buying public and private space.

In a record time, had to revise the arquitecture of information for the previous website. Afterwards applied all UX processes to the wireframes.

Brief Requirements

‣  Create new brand awareness for the public space
‣  Create engagement for the Barclaycard
‣  Attract brands for sponsorship and collaborations
‣  New experience for the user in the e-ticketing platform
‣  Fun & close approach to the user environment


Private companies in Spain don’t usually buy public spaces. No predecessors, except Vodafone with the Sol Metro station.

I used the american approach towards this website, basing my design and functionality from known spaces like: Nokia Theatre, Staples Centre, etc…


‣ Start a new information architecture based on the new acquisition of the company
Research on similar sponsored event spaces
‣ Create UX processes and redesign of the website


‣ Working along with the Visual Designer establishing the pattern of UI elements
‣ Worked with Project Manager in the agency to report all changes from Client





Project Details

Client: Barclaycard Center

Tags: UX, Web

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