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Deconstruct the Painting by Giovanni Bucci

“Artist Antonio Meneghetti, who commissioned the work, supplied the painting as a flat image. The brief was free, the artwork had to be shown in art galleries and exhibitions. I wanted the user to live an immersive experience and decided to deconstruct the painting so the viewer could go through the artwork being reconstructed in…

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No lo pienses, dispara!

Desarrollar la creatividad de la manera mas tradicional es posible con la Lomo! Cada día me levanto y encuentro más fotos subidas al Facebook, Twitter, Flickr … con efectos vintage, variaciones de color y exposiciones, imágenes cuadruples o ángulos con ojos de pez. No todo es fruto de aplicaciones móviles que simulan estos efectos, parece…

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The Venus Project

The Venus Project is an organization that advocates American futurist Jacque Fresco‘s visions of the future with the aim to improve society by moving towards a global sustainable social design that they call a “resource-based economy”. Such a system incorporates sustainable cities and values, energy efficiency, collective farms, natural resource management and advanced automation, focusing…

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Supar Tool – Old Navy Virals

Don’t dress like that guy. A series of videos posing as high fashion commercials kick off a new integrated campaign for Old Navy out of Camp + King and Barbary Post, which aims to start a new conversation with its male customers. Posing as arty spots for fashion brands called ‘Supar Tool’ and ‘Corporado’, the…

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Tim Burton Art Exhibition at LACMA

We had the oportunity of attending in exclusive Tim Burton´s art exhibition at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Without any further delay here are some of the photographs we could capture with a phone, sorry about the quality. The rest of the pictures can be found at our Facebook Page. Enjoy!

MADinSpain 2011

La sexta edición del festival, que tendrá lugar los días 3 y 4 de Junio en el Palacio de Congresos de Madrid (Pº Castellana, 99), es una cita imprescindible para todos los amantes del mundo del diseño y la creatividad, estudiantes ó aficionados a la cultura visual en Madrid. El evento, organizado por, una…

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Project Nando

Years ago we met a Sicilian young Director with a great passion for movies, specially David Lynch ones. After many years Marco Gozzo pursued his dream and obtained a green card to live in NYC working in film. Now he decided to make his own movie that will start shooting at the end of May.…

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Everything but the Crossword

Oh, my, you may be wondering, what on earth have you done? I know how protective readers can feel about the magazines they love, and I respect that. A serious, loyal readership may be our most precious asset. We’d be fools to trifle with it by making change for change’s sake. But there’s also the…

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Sound of Noise

El sonido del ruido, escrita y dirigida por Ola Simonsson y Johannes Stjärne Nilsson cuenta la historia de un grupo de músicos que interpretan música ilegalmente con objetos de las distintas instituciones de la ciudad. El agente de policía Amadeus Warnebring nació en el seno de una célebre familia de músicos, pero – ironías del…

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International Photography Contest Exhibition by Galeria Cero

After 20 years teaching photography, EFTI realizes that new young artists do not have a space to exhibit their work. With a purpose of creating this space they created Galería Cero, one of the most fresh and modern art supporters in Madrid, Spain. As a result of 1404 participants of 71 different countries of Galeria…

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