Project Nando

Years ago we met a Sicilian young Director with a great passion for movies, specially David Lynch ones. After many years Marco Gozzo pursued his dream and obtained a green card to live in NYC working in film. Now he decided to make his own movie that will start shooting at the end of May.…

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Everything but the Crossword

Oh, my, you may be wondering, what on earth have you done? I know how protective readers can feel about the magazines they love, and I respect that. A serious, loyal readership may be our most precious asset. We’d be fools to trifle with it by making change for change’s sake. But there’s also the…

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Sound of Noise

El sonido del ruido, escrita y dirigida por Ola Simonsson y Johannes Stjärne Nilsson cuenta la historia de un grupo de músicos que interpretan música ilegalmente con objetos de las distintas instituciones de la ciudad. El agente de policía Amadeus Warnebring nació en el seno de una célebre familia de músicos, pero – ironías del…

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SalottoLive Experience – La Habitacion Roja

A couple days ago we attended the third SalottoLive Event featuring La Habitación Roja, many thanks to Fiat and Rolling Stone crew for letting us enjoy this amazing experience in a very close and warm ambient. They gave us the chance of giving exclusive feedback from the inside. You can catch up on the event…

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Concurso de Fotografia HSBC

HSBC cumple 30 años de presencia en España. Tres décadas apoyando y colaborando estrechamente con las empresas e instituciones españolas públicas y privadas para ayudarlas a llegar a lo más alto. HSBC ha vivido intensamente todos los acontecimientos económicos, financieros, sociales y culturales vividos en España en estos 30 años, en los cuales ha consolidado…

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The 83rd Academy Awards – Oscars 2011

Nominations for the 83rd Academy Awards were announced Tuesday, January 25th by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Tom Sherak and 2009 Oscar® winner Mo’Nique. 6,000 Academy members vote for the Oscars using secret ballots tabulated by the international auditing firm of Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Awards are presented for outstanding individual or collective efforts…

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Caifanes at Coachella

Coachella, Indio, CA. An Alternative Rock Music and Art Festival on April (15, 16,17) has already sold out in one week. Why? Because  it´s one of the most influential rock bands in Mexico decides to perform one last time. Saúl Hernández (lead guitar and vocals) and Alfonso André (drums) from the actual band Jaguares started…

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Neuronas Espejo y Neuromarketing

Se denominan neuronas espejo a una cierta clase de neuronas que se activan cuando un animal o persona desarrolla la misma actividad que está observando ejecutar por otro individuo. Las neuronas del individuo imitan como “reflejando” la acción de otro: así, el observador está él mismo realizando la acción del observado, de ahí “espejo”. Tales…

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SalottoLive – La Habitacion Roja

Thanks to Fiat España, Mr. Popper has been invited to the next SalottoLive event on the March 3rd hosted by Fiat 500 and Rolling Stone Magazine with the appearance of La Habitación Roja. SalottoLive is a concept where music is let loose in a much more closer and different as we are used to. The…

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International Photography Contest Exhibition by Galeria Cero

After 20 years teaching photography, EFTI realizes that new young artists do not have a space to exhibit their work. With a purpose of creating this space they created Galería Cero, one of the most fresh and modern art supporters in Madrid, Spain. As a result of 1404 participants of 71 different countries of Galeria…

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